Day Five:
Curvy stuff. 

I need to break away from the slanty stuff for a bit, so I’m moving on to the curvy letter c shape, with additions of a and d shapes.  This continues the slant practice, but hides it, and thus makes it less repetitive. 

As I haven’t done much to continue practicing loops, I threw a b in for good measure.  The higher end link feels much easier to achieve.  Looking at the pages now, I’m realizing that I’ve been completing the link once it hit the baseline, which is a bit silly of me.  Completing the mark by continuing upward once touching the baseline is what I already have to do to continue onto another letter.  Finishing on an upstroke feels more natural, and looks better.

Well Duh:
In case it isn’t blindingly obvious, I haven’t done any research on the process of learning to write.  See, that would be smart.  And, if this was an exercise designed to create life-altering habits, conducting research would also be not-stupid.  I’m differentiating between these concepts because, when establishing new habits, avoiding the pitfalls seems more important than economy of time and effort.  Basically: I’m tired, and I’m currently saying that [not-stupid, but ordinary] trumps [smart with a little bit of stupid].  I reserve the right to change my opinion once better rested, as well as the right to be ashamed of my logic generation during Fuzzy Time.

Most of what I’m doing comes from a mixture of memories: learning to write as a child, trying to learn touch typing at several points in my life, and simply working it out as I go.  Honestly?  In case the above subject really was blindingly obvious, causing you to blink in terror and anticipation, thus missing everything else written up to this point… I kinda get off on working things out.  Not literally… generally… I’m sorry, stopping now.  Point being that it doesn’t really matter how simple or complex the subject is, how common or rare, how relevant to anything.  Breaking this stuff down gives me joy, and being able to effectively explain it to others gives me Super Joy. 

I should state that, given everything just said, Super Joy and Fuzzy Time are rarely on speaking terms

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