Day Six:
Everything done up until this point, preferably in the form of words. 

Everything that I’ve been practicing for the last week is starting to feel a little more natural.  There’s still a significant degree of wobble, and if I try to speed up, everything goes terrible.  However, I can feel my hand getting a little better, and that provides impetus to keep going.

Everything that I started last night is significantly more difficult—yes, I know, hush—and putting the curvies into word form created a great deal of frustration.  Will spend the next week drilling them in the same way as the slants and loops, then go back to practice linking them into word form. 

Finally started doting is and crossing ts, as I’m more comfortable with slants in general, and they’re a bit naked without. 

Entertainment Portion:
I’m abdicating tonight in favor of crawling through Skyrim for a bit.  I haven’t pulled a gamer day for some time, and my Argonian dovakiin wants some frolic.  We’ll see if wasd navigation helps or exacerbates the hand cramping. 

{Edit: Next day.  It totally helped.  I win at meshing my geeky interests.}

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